Colour Wood Side Table by Karimoku New Standard

Colour Grid
Dark Grid
Plain Grid
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Technical Information

Colour Grid – Diameter: 50.5 cm, Height: 45.4 cm, Depth: 50.2 cm
Pink and Dark Grid versions – Diameter: 60.3 cm, Height: 39.2 cm, Depth: 60 cm
Plain Grid – Diameter: 71.7 cm, Height: 32.7 cm, Depth: 71.3 cm


Colour Grid: Chestnut (stripe & grid top and natural base with pink accent)
Pink: Chestnut (pink top and base)
Dark Grid: Chestnut (grey grid top and pink base)
Plain Grid: Chestnut (clear pattern top and natural base with yellow accent)



This faceted table with a barrel-like base explores woodworking techniques and the characteristics of joined timber slats. Transparent colours and graphic patterns by European graphic masters, Scholten and Baijings, superimpose contemporary design onto traditional timber production. This series of side tables comes in four types and three different sizes; each with their own combination of colours, height and diameter.

Inspired by the traditional Japanese wood joint technique yatoi-sanetsugi, the base of this table is made of individual laths that are connected at intricate angles to form a round tapered base. Except for the all-pink table, the tables in this series come with coloured textile inlays that accentuate the barrel-like base. Like all Karimoku New Standard items, Colour Wood is finished to the highest standards. Even the underside of the tabletop has not been overlooked.

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