Skagerak is a Danish furniture and homewares brand with a history spanning nearly 40 years. Products that come from Skagerak are first and foremost, beautiful and have been created with respect for the environment. Some are refreshingly new, others items are more classical and refer back to the proud, decades-long furniture tradition of Scandinavia.

Form, function and a high aesthetic level are the most important characteristics of the brand. Most instantly noticeable though is Skagerak's supreme craftsmanship - it is always clear that someone has lavished care on the product. The purity of materials used in the construction speak for themselves, an item is created that does not date with fashion but instead ages into a timeless design.

Bathroom Mat


Cutter Bench

From £589.00

Cutter Box

From £38.00

Cutter Coat Rack

From £139.00

Cutting Board

From £49.00

Dania Box 2

From £58.00

Dania Box 3

From £79.00

Dania Box 4

From £82.00

Dania Stool

From £149.00

DO Shelf System

From £349.00

Edge Brass Plate

From £59.00

Edge Pots

From £28.00

Georg Bar Stool

From £325.00

Georg Bench

From £599.00

Georg Coat Rack

From £79.00

Georg Console Table

From £479.00

Georg Dining Table

From £1,299.00

Georg S-Hooks


Georg Stool

From £209.00

Georg Table Mirror

From £125.00

Nomad Tray and Box

From £43.00

Nordic Jar


Nordic Jug

From £32.00

Norr Tray


Paddle Grinder


Paddle Salt Jar


Rain Hooks

From £25.00

Riviera Lounge


Soft Board

From £55.00

Spira Greenhouse


Vivlio Frame




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